Location : San Antonio, Texas 

Owned by San Antonio River Authority

Phase 1.1:
​RamRoc Construction finished work on phase 1.1 of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project in May 2018. This phase consists of limestone MSE wall, stone veneer, stone paving and historic wall renovations from Santa Rosa street to Houston, in downtown San Antonio.

San Pedro Creek Culture Park Project

Phase 1.2:
​Estimated to be complete in 2020, Phase 1.2 will feature three prominent attractions. The first is a Performance Plaza, located adjacent to the famous Alameda Theater that will welcome performance artists of all kinds to use the park as their creative stage.When not in use, the plaza will become an open space for people to sit and enjoy their surroundings. The second major attraction is a beautiful greenspace where park visitors can lounge and enjoy the weather. Facing a cascading wall of water, the area will be picturesque and serene. The third major attraction will be a tremendous mural composed of five pieces behind the Spanish Governors’ Palace, similar to the murals in Phase 1.1
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